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Tatiora’s Subterranean Mushroom Soup

A commonly found food in the Underdark, mushrooms - even the rare kind - are hardly considered a delicacy. Although she would be happy to never look at one again, over four centuries of experience with the fungus has made Tatiora quite adept at preparing them.

Kabvos’ Woodland Foragings

Kabvos knows a thing or two about growing up in a harsh and bitter world. Despite this, he maintains his sunny disposition - and few things bring him greater joy than helping to feed those he cares about.

Gorm’s Hearty Roast Beast

Did you know that laser guns will basically cook the creature for you when you shoot it? Gorm didn’t before… but definitely does now.

Brenna’s Dragon Blood Punch

Never one to miss an opportunity to explore a new potion recipe, Brenna has learned to acquire her ingredients from some…unusual places. Dragon’s blood was certainly one of her more dangerous ideas.

Cold Hands’ Frosted Berry Gingerbread Cake

Even humorless priests of the Frostmaiden crave sweets now and again. Although such indulgences for Cold Hands are rare, he will occasionally allow himself the treat of an old family recipe - praising the his Goddess all the while, of course.

Bjorn’s Good GREAT Mead

Upon finding himself the newly installed speaker of Goodmead, Bjorn wasted no time in sampling the local drink in order to properly assess its quality. A few haphazard experiments and some brave taste testers later, Bjorn has found the secret to some truly great mead.

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